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11-09-2023 - Tin tức | 284

KCN Bàu Xéo có tổng diện tích 499,7993 ha, được quy hoạch tại xã Sông Trầu, xã Tây Hòa, xã Đồi 61 và thị trấn Trảng Bom, huyện Trảng Bom, tỉnh Đồng Nai, bao gồm hai khu nằm dọc hai bên QL 1A: khu 1 phía Bắc QL 1A có diện tích 188,4168 ha, khu 2 phía Nam QL 1A có diện tích 311,3825 ha. KCN Bàu Xéo được giới hạn bởi:

Bau Xeo Industrial Park has a total area of 499.7993 hectares, planned in Song Trau commune, Tay Hoa commune, Doi 61 commune and Trang Bom town, Trang Bom district, Dong Nai province, including two areas located along both sides of the National Highway. 1A: Area 1 north of National Highway 1A has an area of 188.4168 hectares, Area 2 south of National Highway 1A has an area of 311.3825 hectares. Bau Xeo Industrial Park is limited by:

– North: adjacent to high voltage power lines 220KV, 110KV and 35KV
– The South borders the North-South railway
– The east of zones 1 and 2 borders existing residential areas.
– The west of zones 1 and 2 borders land with residential projects according to planning.

Bau Xeo Industrial Park plays an important role in the economic, cultural and social development of Trang Bom district in particular and Dong Nai province in general; is a part of connecting and developing common infrastructure with Trang Bom town and important traffic routes of the Southern key economic region.

With a favorable geographical location and good infrastructure such as transportation, electricity supply, water supply, wastewater treatment, etc., necessary support services such as banks, warehouses, etc.

To date, Bau Xeo Industrial Park has attracted 35 domestic and foreign investors, with active industries such as leather shoes, garments, wood processing, animal feed, mechanics,...

The planned land area has a total area of 499.7993 hectares; of which the area of industrial and service land for lease is 353.03 hectares

The total leased land area is 331.22 hectares (of which Industrial land is 326.44 hectares; Service land is 4.78 hectares). The remaining land area for lease is 22.67 hectares

Category Detail
Infrastructure investor Thong Nhat Joint Stock Company
Location Trang Bom district, Dong Nai province
Acreage total area 500 ha
Factory land area  
Vacant area  
Ratio of green trees  
Operating time 50 years
Current investors  
Main job Processing agricultural products, food, and animal feed; wood processing industry; textile; leather shoe production; mechanical; building materials...
Road Bien Hoa city center: 20 km, Ho Chi Minh city: 50 km
Air Tan Son Nhat International Airport: 50 km, Long Thanh Airport: 20 km
Train Trang Bom Station: 2 km
Sea port Go Dau port: 40 km; Phu My port: 42 km
Geological Hard soil: 1,5-2,5kg/cm2
Internal traffic Main road Width: 32m, Number of lane: 4 lanes
Secondary branch road Width: 14&17m, Number of lane: 2 lanes
Electricity supply Voltage Power line: 110/22KV
Source capacity  
Clean water Wattage 12000 m3/day
Highest capacity  
Waste water treatment system Wattage 8000 m3/day
Internet and telecommunications ADSL, Fireber & Telephone line
Land Land rents 45 USD
Rental term 2056
Type/Class Level A
Payment methods 12 months
Deposit 10%
Minimum area 1ha
Workshop $3
Management fee Management fee 0.4 USD/m2
Payment methods yearly
Electricity price Peak 0.1 USD
Normal 0.05 USD
Idle 0.03 USD
Payment methods Monthly
Supplier EVN
Price of clean water Water price 0.4 USD/m3
Payment methods Monthly
Water supplier Charged by Gov. suppliers
Wastewater fee Price 0.28 USD/m3
Payment methods Monthly
Water quality before treatment Level B
Water quality after treatment Level A (QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT)
Other fees Yes


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